Exhibition 2021

This year I had the opportunity to participate in an exhibition for miniaturists here in Gothenberg. It took place at Engleson´s gallery and we were 9 exhibitors.

Below you can see one of my roomboxes. It is a scene from a comedy TV series “Albert and Herbert”.

New items

I´ve been busy producing lots of birds for exhibitions and  lots of orders, but now it is time to show my new miniatures. You will find new birds if you look a the menu; birds.

I  ´ve also created some new characters.

IMG_20200215_182039 (2)

Back again

It´s a while since I published pictures, but now I´m back with new items. Some new birds are born and there will soon be pictures of some birds of prey. Look for Birds in the menu.


Miniature making is like a Cornu Copia. When one idea is completed, a new idea will come

From raw stone to sculpture

Today I will show the steps from raw stone to sculpture. Sometimes the stone itself determines the outcome of the final product.  At first I wanted to make a vase but the first shape was a bit too big. I looked at the piece and imagined a body. Why not make a torso. This stone was rather soft so it was easy to cut.

The difficulty with a soft stone is that it will easily fragment when carving so you                have to be very careful.

The Torso is about 3,5cm