Exhibition 2021

This year I had the opportunity to participate in an exhibition for miniaturists here in Gothenberg. It took place at Engleson´s gallery and we were 9 exhibitors.

Below you can see one of my roomboxes. It is a scene from a comedy TV series “Albert and Herbert”.

New items

I´ve been busy producing lots of birds for exhibitions and  lots of orders, but now it is time to show my new miniatures. You will find new birds if you look a the menu; birds.

I  ´ve also created some new characters.

IMG_20200215_182039 (2)

Back again

It´s a while since I published pictures, but now I´m back with new items. Some new birds are born and there will soon be pictures of some birds of prey. Look for Birds in the menu.


Miniature making is like a Cornu Copia. When one idea is completed, a new idea will come

From raw stone to sculpture

Today I will show the steps from raw stone to sculpture. Sometimes the stone itself determines the outcome of the final product.  At first I wanted to make a vase but the first shape was a bit too big. I looked at the piece and imagined a body. Why not make a torso. This stone was rather soft so it was easy to cut.

The difficulty with a soft stone is that it will easily fragment when carving so you                have to be very careful.

The Torso is about 3,5cm

Fairies and fantasy

I´m very happy to have recieved a space at the Kensington Christmas Show. Maybe I´ll see you there.

Making faires, trolls and witches is one of my favourite activities. Combining soapstone, light and a fairy in a garden scene is an attempt to create a sense of mysticisim.

IMG_4949   IMG_4996

Some work among many others is the painting below. The troll couple was a present for my daughters wedding.



bröllop 2016 018

Using light

After a long break I´m back with new items.  The first thing I want to show is my light pedestal, which has been developed thanks to Jennifer Smith (small scale lights). I usually use them for the translucent soap stone items, but they can be used for anything that turns out well with light.

By putting the power switch on the inside and leaving only the button visible on the outside looks much better.  The pedestal light comes in two colours, Bright White and soft yellow. On the pictures below I´ve put the same resin object with different lights.