Church Project

Oskar Fredriks Church

Between two worlds – a historical moment in miniature

I`m very happy to announce that I`ve been given the opportunity to make a miniature installation of our of our beautiful Oskar Fredrik`s Church here in Gothenburg. The miniature will depict the opening of the church on  Easter Sunday in 1893. It will also be a representation of the church members, who came from two very different social backgrounds

The installation is built in three parts. To the left you will find the poorest people, who lived in ramshackle cabins on a hill called ”Masthuggsberget.” To the right, and just below the hill, is the street were the wealthier people lived. The center of the miniature portays the opening of the church

I´m working on the outdoor scenes, using posters as background on the left. To the right is a picture of the church. (From the website “By Yesterday”.)

Below you can see the small cottage and the big house with an open front.

The hillside is buildt of styrofoam, papier- mache´ and painted with acrylic paints.

I have used many different materials, tools and tehcniques for the scenes. For some details I`ve used the computer to manipulate pictures.

It took several hours to make the arch. I had to cut the bricks one by one before I could glue them.