This is me

My name is Helle and I´m one of all those who are devoted to the miniature World. I just love to diminish people, furniture and everthing included in the real World. It´s a passion that has been a part of my life for at least twenty years. Making miniatures is a way to develop creativity, problem solving and other skills. And above all, it makes me relax and feel good.

I live in Gothenburg, Sweden and next year I celebrate my sixtieth birtday. Beside my job as a teacher for “children with special needs” I share my time between miniatures and my family.

It can be quite a mess when you are working with miniatures in an apartment, but finally I´ve got a studio. I´m so happy!!!

170829_fyrberg_25721 (1)
Soap-stone miniature. The Philosopher”. 3 cm high