During the London Dollshouse Festival I got inspired by a lot of visitors  when we talked about ancient soap-stone works. The philosopher below has got a brother that I call “The tired guy”. They are both inspired by ancient sculptures from Africa.


The first face is is inspired by an Art Deco sculpture and the others are my own creations





January 27th was a very special day.  I had the opportunity to be one of the exhibitors at London´s Dollshouse Festival at the Tower Hotel in London. I was overwhelmed by all the positive feedback on my items, so my husband and I had a great day at the show. It was though an adventure to bring all the items by plane, but we managed with the project.

My table at the show.

And the best of all! I´ll be back in London for the Kensington Dolls House Festival Christmas Show in December. I really look forward to this event. Next step is to produce a lot of new soap-stone items and lots of birds. I´ve already got started.




Photo: Catharina Fyrberg


Birds are amazing creatures. It is fun to study their behaviour and how they move. I started to make birds from silk clay and feathers in 1:12 scale and even a few in 1:24 scale.


Garden Furniture 1:24 scale

Is it possible to make garden furniture in 1:24 scale? At first it was a bit tricky using big tools for such a small piece of stone. But when I got hold of much smaller tools  I could start the Project.


Beside the bird baths and benches I also made some tables. On one of the tables I even tried to fold in a light green stone.

The benches looked so tiny so I made a lady in 1:24 and found out the bench fit perfectly for her.


Garden Furniture 1:12 scale

I got the idea to make garden furniture from the opaque soap-stone. The stone bench and bird bath is supposed to look rough. The ball is made from translucent soap-stone with a small led light from below.


Rough bird bath


Notice the different looks of the bird bath whether you leave it a bit rough or if you polish it with oil. The stone is full of surprises


Before the soap-stone period I tried to improve my skills making 12 scale characters. Most people call them dolls but if you make the “dolls”  in action, using expressions and movements I think I will refer to them as characters. It has been a long journey trying to make characters and I have also been to England to learn how to make  them. So far I´ve been to two workshops with Jamie Carrington who is a magnificent character maker. I leearned how to make characters from polymer clay and how to make clothes.

The old man feeding birds reminds me of my grandfather who took me to the park to feed birds and squirelles, but grandfather´s shoes where not worn out.