Soapstone miniatures


I´ve been creating miniatures of various materials and whenI found soapstone as a possible way to make miniatures I washooked. It´s not just how it looks, it´s the feeling when you hold it in your hand. You feel the weight, the smooth surface and thewarmth of the stone. Finding out that soapstone varied in colour, structure, consistence and even have different gradations of translucense opened new ways of creating. I have quite rescently started to explore the possibilities of the stone wich is exciting. It is also a hard job to shape the stone and there are many stepsfrom raw stone to a finished object. The remains you get from the processed stone is talc.

History and use

You find soapstone all over the world and man has used it for different purposes since 5000 BC. In the beginning people made bowls, dishes, sculptures etc. Today you use soapstone for instance to make fireplaces, table-tops and floor-tiles. It is also used as talcum-powder and in the cosmetic industri.

Facts about the stone

The stone is in various colours as white, green, pink, brown and black. The texture goes from very soft to very hard.

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